Strengthening & Equipping Church Leaders To Equip The Local Church

Church Health Solutions Testimonials


“I want to thank Don Hicks and Church Health Solutions for their great service and helping us to deal with some conflict that was hindering our church … It’s helped immensely.”

 Chairman of Deacon



 “I called Don, and he was in front of our church leadership within 3 hours, helping our church deal with many church cries involving our pastor. His biblical guidance was a God sent…Don guided us to a resolution through coaching, counsel, and Christian conciliation!”

Church Leadership Team



 “We decided that the lifecycle of our church was complete..we approached Dr. Hicks with the idea of helping us do that…Dr. Hicks, with great compassion and skill, helped us with a plan to sell our church building to an African American church that needed a building. We sell the building to them and everything in the building we gave to them at no cost.… After the sell we gave over 800,000.00 dollars to mission groups to carry out the gospel worldwide and scholarships to students.”

Trustees Christian Church



 “My co-pastor and I were having differences which ended with the church in conflict over our disagreements…Don was asked to mediate the conflict…the results were not what I hoped for. I resigned and let my co-pastor take over the leadership of the church…Don ministered to my family and me and helped us rediscover our marriage, family, and ministry…Thank you, Don, for staying neutral and helping us move ahead in ministry with no regrets and excitement to serve Jesus. I now serve as pastor in another church.”

Pastor/church planter



 “We had a conflict with one of the churches in our network. Don was able to come in and, through mediation and Christian conciliation, was able to put the church back on track!”

Major Church Planting Network



“Dr. Hicks was able to help me find a church to serve as pastor.”

Seminary Student



 “CHS team came to help train our Pastor Search Team. They prepared us well!”

Pastor Search Team



“Don and George trained our Deacons in the Biblical Deacon Ministry.”

Chairman of Deacon’s



“George communicated with our deacons the truth of the pastor being the spiritual leader of our church and spent time helping us understand the office of pastor and deacon. It was eye-opening! We now have applied what George taught us.”

Chairman of Deacons



“Don trained and certified me to be a Transitional Pastor. Best training out there. He also kept coaching me and has helped me find 2 churches to serve in.”

Transitional Pastor



“Our church found itself in deep legal trouble. We contacted Dr. Hicks, and he connected us to a top church law attorney who guided us through deep legal waters with great success.”

Church Trustees



“Don and Tricia ministered to our pastors and their wives through 4 area dinners in our SBC State convention. All very well received!”

Minister Church Relations Director for SBC State Convention



“Don spoke from his heart to the hearts of the pastors of our SBC Association. He connected them to where they live!”

SBC Director of Missions



“As a lawyer I have worked with Dr. Hicks in a number of Church Conflicts. He is sharp and knows what he is doing as a mediator to churches in conflict!”

Church Law Attorney