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The Peaceful Church Initiative


Church Health Solutions equips churches to flourish and thrive. We work with churches to address external threats and internal conflict. Our goal is to see churches more effectively share the good news of Jesus Christ and live out the implications of the Gospel in their communities.


All parties can explore and agree on conflict resolution, with CHS being a third-party Christian Conciliator, a neutral and fair mediator to all sides. Arbitration is available and an agreed-upon binding legal agreement by all parties to enhance peacemaking, leading to an actual Biblical resolution. CHS has partnered with some of the leading Christian attorneys to provide legal services when needed.


Destructive internal conflict represents one of the greatest threats to the effectiveness of the church. It results in disunity, loss of members, reduction in giving, damage to ministry careers, families, deacons, and the church, which is harmful to our personal witness and church’s witness for Christ.


We recognize that conflict avoidance is unrealistic and ineffective. Instead, we see that conflict is more of an opportunity than an obstacle—when handled Biblically. CHS has a two-fold approach. First, we work proactively through the education and training of church leaders in Biblical peacemaking. Second, we provide Christian Conciliation services, mediation/ arbitration to promote the resolution of conflicts within church leadership and churches. Our goal for the Peaceful Church Initiative is to see peaceful churches sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and living out the implications of the Gospel in their communities.


What Do You Need Help With? Does your church need to develop or strengthen a culture of peacemaking? Is your church in the middle of a conflict? Does your church experience a cycle of conflict because of unresolved problems? Does your church have legal problems? Does your church, staff, deacons, elders need training in preventive conflict? Conflict coaching?


All the services can be done by in-person conference, video conference, and online video training.


President of Church Health Solutions, Dr. Don Hicks states,

“A healthy church has learned how to prevent and resolve conflicts before they become destructive. Conflict skills will enable, strengthen, and equip its leaders to deal with the church’s internal and external conflicts. It will free the church to accomplish Biblical unity. The best witness to a lost and hurting world is a church that has learned how to deal with conflict Biblically.”



Has Your Church Developed a Culture of Peacemaking?
Destructive internal conflict is one of the greatest threats to the effectiveness of the Church. It results in disunity, loss of members, reduction in giving, pastoral discouragement, burnout, and harm to our witness for Christ. However, conflict is inevitable, and conflict avoidance is unrealistic and ineffective. When handled Biblically, conflict should be regarded as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.



Our Approach

We have developed a multifaceted approach addressing both external and internal church disputes. These may range from pastor-centered issues to congregational issues. It could mean external threats to the church as well.


    • Prevention: We work proactively through the education and training of church leaders in Biblical peacemaking.
    • Intervention: We provide Interventionist, Christian Conciliation, Specialists and mediators to promote the Biblical resolution of conflicts within churches.
    • Restoration: We believe in restoration that leads to church health and effective community engagement because of a refocused church committed to the great commission.
    • Training: We work with church leaders to train them in biblical conflict resolution, church conflict, church peacemaking, leaders navigating church conflict, training the church in conflict resolution.



We educate, equip, train, coach pastors, elders, deacons, Church, and denominational leaders to biblically address conflict and free the church to carry out the Great Commission effectively.



Our experienced team intervenes in local church conflict in emergencies and long-term. These conflicts may develop among the church leaders (pastor, elders, and deacons) or between the leadership and church members. Conflicted churches become ineffective churches. If not properly resolved, these conflicts frequently result in church splits or the church dying. Intervening in such conflict is the heart of the Peaceful Church Initiative. We provide:

        • Conflict Coaching
        • Christian Conciliation
        • Dispute Resolution
        • Mediation
        • Arbitration
        • Peacemaking
        • Church Conflict Consulting
        • Conflict Resolution in Pastoral Transitions
        • Consultation in the Church Discipline Process
        • Highly trained Intentional Interventionist who respond quickly to church crises
        • Church Law Attorney
        • Transitional Pastors
        • Pulpit Supply



We encourage and facilitate biblical reconciliation and Restitution among church leaders (pastors, elders, deacons, and staff), between church leaders, and church members.



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