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Deacon Ministry Services


George Shaffer is the Director of the CHS Deacon and Leadership Ministry. With more than 40 years’ experience, (Don and the whole CHS Team) has a strong belief, passion, and conviction that pastors and deacons need to have a firm understanding biblically and practically of the New Testament office of pastor and the office of deacon. We have found that if pastors and deacons understand their biblical assignment from the Lord that 95% of all church conflict can be resolved before it becomes destructive! Both internal and external threats to the church can be resolved and the church will thrive to win the lost and disciple believers. In other-wards, carry out the Great commandment and the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit!



The Biblical role of deacons


The New Testament Deacons are one of the two offices of the local church. The other office is the office of Pastor. The deacons serve the Lord by conducting The Biblical role of deacons caring ministry of the church during the benevolence work, caring for the widows, visiting the sick being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation for the purposes of freeing the pastoral staff to focus on prayer and ministry of the word, promoting unity within the church, loving, and serving the pastor and his family, and staff, and their families’ and facilitating the spread of the gospel.



Important first steps

  • The call of God to be a Christian
  • The call of God to be a Deacon


Purpose of deacons- historical context

  • The call of God to be a Christian
  • The call of God to be a Deacon
  • Purpose of deacons- historical context
  • Deacons loving and serving the pastor as they journey together to love, and serve the church


Establishing guidelines for your church deacon body

  • Biblical qualifications and requirements
  • Board versus body
  • Number of deacons required
  • Selection process
  • Nominee review
  • Perspective Deacon interview
  • Thoughts on testing
  • Deacon election
  • Deacon ordination service
  • How deacons operate
  • Frequency and purpose of Deacon meetings
  • Ongoing Deacon training
  • Deacon organization
  • Deacon teamwork and communications
  • Deacons as peacemakers during church conflict
  • Deacons Peacemaker’s pledge
  • How deacons are held accountable and disciplined
  • Deacon continuity
  • Deacon testing and development through key experiences
  • Deacons sharing the gospel with the lost
  • Deacons discipling believers


CHS Resources to Deacons

George and his team are available to Encourage, coach, pray with deacons, consulting

  • Half a day and full day deacon retreats
  • Deacon Blog
  • Presetting a biblical deacon model to your deacon body
  • Mentoring
  • Training deacon chair and officers
  • Training deacons in evangelism
  • Conflict resolution and mediation within the deacon body


The Southern Baptist Deacon Training Institute

The online Deacon Training Institute will be available in the future which will provide Biblical Studies, Introduction to Old Testament and New Testament, Theology, Introduction to the Deacon Ministry, Advanced Deacon Ministry, Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Missions, Preventing Ministry Failure, Strengthen your Marriage and Family, Introduction to Leadership, Introduction to Church Administration, Introduction to Church History, Understanding Pastoral and Church Finance, The Healthy Church and Structure, Conflict Resolution and Christian Conciliation, Relational Wisdom 360- A step beyond Emotional Intelligence, RW Local Church Peace Sowing Teams, The DTI will reflect and teach from a Southern Baptist perspective in agreement with the 2000 Baptist Faith and message and will be taught by Southern Baptist Deacons, Pastors, and Professors. These courses will be in basic and advanced DTI formats and students will receive a certificate upon completion. The cost will be reasonable so every Southern Baptist Deacon can afford the training.



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