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A Word from Dr. Hicks to Pastors


We recognize that God has called the pastor to lead the local church and equip its members to do the ministry and carry out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastors, please look through the website sections, and you will see that we are seeking to address several important issues. Our goal is to help bring the unity of Christ back into our churches and allow attention to be given to carry out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in our communities as faithful Christ-followers, sharing love and faith. My friend and co-laborer George does an outstanding job teaching deacons their calling, qualifications, and requirements. He teaches them to love and serve their pastor and church.


After 40 years of ministry, I have concluded there is no way to help pastors without helping the deacons and other church leadership. Because the church is a body, they must function as a body, or the body will be unhealthy; if not treated, it will become critically ill, terminal, require life support, hospice, and then death follows. The New Testament teaches that there are two offices in the church. One is the office of the pastor, and the other is the office of the deacon. We divided the pastor and deacon into two separate areas to minister to the unique needs of these two offices. I believe that 95% of internal church conflicts lead to destructive conflict. The termination of pastors would end if more time were spent training deacons to be biblical deacons, called of God to serve with the pastor in ministering to their local church. I know some will ask if this is possible; however, we do not choose. Do we continue to have conflict, disunity, and termination of ministers? There has been a destructive pattern within SBC churches for many years.



CHS Pastor Initiative


    • CHS pastor team journeys with pastors by coming alongside the pastor and helping them to become healthy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically.
    • CHS knows that ministry marriages are unique and experience stresses that other marriages do not experience. We want to help strengthen ministry marriages and families to thrive and lead as examples of a Godly marriage and family.
    • CHS training will be offered to strengthen the pastor to equip the church. As a pastor, you should establish a primary focus to acquire an education to equip you with the tools you need to pastor.
    • CHS does a comprehensive 360 background check on churches you are considering
    • CHS provides guidance, coaching, encouragement, and prayer to seminary students
    • CHS provides practical courses, training, and practical tools for pastors with little education or post-seminary grads such as:
      • Conflict resolution
      • Christian conciliation and peacemaking
      • Emotional intelligence
      • Finances
      • Preventing ministry failure
      • Church law
      • Ministry and marriage
      • How to build a resume; interview skills; How to investigate a church before you go there as a candidate or even consider going there; placement assistance
      • Navigating a church through crisis
      • Practical skills for leading a church staff
      • Valuable tools for spiritual warfare and prayer
      • Everything you did not learn in seminary
      • The first year in a new church
      • Basic and Advanced sermon preparation and delivery
      • Life skills
      • Leadership
      • Cultural intelligence
      • Connecting through the CHS NETWORK seminary students to summer internships and residency after seminary
      • Connecting seasoned pastors who will coach you, encourage you, and pray with you
      • Preparing and reviewing current bylaws
      • Attorneys for personal matters
      • Attorneys for church matters
      • Pastor tax preparation and CPA
      • Counseling
      • Pastor termination assistance, advocate, and mediator
      • 24/7 Pastor care line
      • Church conflict meditation

Church Health Solutions has a team of consultants, and professionals who are part of the CHS Network. All these individuals are experts in their field, and all are strong committed Christians. If you would like to be a part of the CHS Network email:
CHS expert resources include:

  • Attorneys: Church Law Attorney, General Attorney, Tax Attorney, Criminal Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, Estate and Wills Attorney, Religious Freedom (First Amendment) Attorney, Civil Rights Attorney, Employment Attorney, Disability Attorney, Wrongful Termination Attorney, and other fields.
  • Church Conflict Mediation, Arbitration Specialists
  • Christian Conciliation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Coaching
  • Intentional Interventionist
  • Biblical Counselors, and Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Health Care Professionals (including medical Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Sexual Abuse Specialists, Traumatologists, among others)
  • Accounting and Tax specialist for pastors and churches including forensic CPA, CPA
  • Technology Professionals forensic computer specialist, church website design and support, Logo design & SEO
  • Business Professionals (in the areas of Leadership Development, Coaching, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Marketing, and Branding)
  • Church Health Consultants
  • Health and wellness specialists
  • Editors, Content Writers, E-books, Writers
  • Financial Planners


Dr. Hicks is available upon request to come to your church or video conferencing to preach, consult, coach, provide training for your staff, church leaders, and members, mediation, training in Christian conciliation, peacemaking, as well as other various topics to meet the specific needs of your church. He and his wife are also available to come and share their testimony, A Clear and Present Danger in the Church Today. Dr. Hicks is available for associational pastor conferences, state conferences, and retreats.


Pastor, if you are experiencing a professional or personal crisis, you may call Dr. Hicks directly at 615-715-9922



A little more than two decades ago, a small group of church members targeted my family and me for destruction. I was a senior pastor of a growing Southern Baptist Church in central Florida. In just 2 ½ years, over 450 people joined the church, of which about half were from a conversion experience. It was amazing what God was doing. However, a small group of church members conspired and executed a plan to destroy me, my family, deacons, church leaders, and the church during this time. I did not understand what was happening until my destruction was almost complete.

An article, entitled “Clergy Killers,” was sent to me at my church office by Jim Chaves of the Florida Baptist Convention. God used that article, written by Lloyd Rediger, to save my life, marriage, and ministry. At last, I knew what the problem was. I understood normal and abnormal conflict, but now I was faced with spiritual warfare, which required spiritual weapons of prayer, scripture, discernment, fasting, and total reliance upon the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit. I was being targeted for destruction by a small group of church members who were Clergy Killers and by those they had influenced to join them. They developed and executed a calculated plan of betrayal and destruction. But “why me?” After Jacob’s death, Joseph’s brothers, afraid of the vengeance Joseph might wreck on them for their betrayal, approached him and humbled themselves before him, placing themselves in his service. Joseph’s reply was, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” (Gen. 50:20 NIV). From within this verse, my inspiration and motivation came to minister to churches embroiled in destructive conflict. The clergy killers intended my harm, but God intended it for good.


I learned from this experience, and over time, God healed my family and me. As a result, I have been sharing this story across the world to pastors, deacons, churches, and seminary students for the past 25 years. My goal has been and continues to be, to educate and train churches on how to prevent and resolve complex church conflict and how to identify and expose clergy killers. Please click the link and watch: A Clear and Present Danger in the Church Today:

Donald Quentin Hicks (2010) A Study of the Conflicts within Churches that Lead to the Termination of Pastors within the Southern Baptist Convention, Accompanied by a Proposal of Preventive and Interventional Solutions,

Pastor, if you are experiencing a professional or personal crisis, you may call Dr. Hicks directly at 615-715-9922



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